Prayer with Scripture

Praying with Scripture

1. Quiet and Awareness

  • Find a quiet place
  • Relax and quiet yourself
  • Become aware of the Lord present to you, looking upon you with love, desirous of speaking to you.

2. Petition

  • Call on the Holy Spirit
  • Ask the Lord for a specific grace


    • to have a deeper sense of your love for me
    • to understand and respond to your Word
    • to listen to your call and respond with generosity
    • to trust you more

3. Read and Reflect on Scripture Passage

  • Meditation
    • Read slowly, silently, aloud or in a whisper, savoring the words
    • Stay with words that especially catch your attention; absorb them
    • Keep repeating or re-reading those words, aware of feelings awakened
  • Contemplation
    • Read the passage through once or twice to get general sense, “lay of the land”
    • Put the passage aside and close your eyes
    • Place yourself in the passage as a spectator or central character around Jesus - Allow the story to unfold before you (Hear Jesus speak, notice smells, sounds, feelings, get into conversations, listen) - Allow your imagination freedom - Pay attention to your feelings during prayer

4. Conversation with the Lord

  • Talk about what just happened
  • Ask God what it all means 
  • Listen to the Lord ·
  • End conversation with the Our Father

5. Review of Prayer: Journal (after the prayer is over)

  • Spend a few minutes recalling the prayer?
  • What word in this Scripture mostspoke to my heart?
  • What touched my heart in this time of prayer?
  • What did my heart feel as I prayed?
  • What did I sense the Lord saying to me?