The Marian Servants community welcomes men and women of all ages to join with us in our walk of faith.  The membership of the association consists of four levels of commitment: Candidate/Year of Formation, Associate Member, Full Member, and Lifetime Member.  Please note that any person, including non-members, are welcome to attend a meeting or any programs that we host.  For more information please Contact Us.

In addition to the levels of commitment, an inquiry period of pre-membership lasting up to one year allows prospective members the opportunity to voluntarily participate in a variety of Marian Servant activities in order to discern their intention to commit to the call to become a Marian Servant.  The Certificates and medals presented are the outward signs of the promises made by the Marian Servants to abide by the Rule of Life of the Marian Servants for a period of one year. This Association is the foundation and unifying force for all the ministries of the Marian Servants of the Blessed Trinity.