About Us

The Marian Servants of the Blessed Trinity is a Private Association of the Christian Faithful in the metro Atlanta area. (See the Code of Canon Law, Canon 298) Our members are spread throughout the metro area, however we meet regularly at St. Benedict Catholic Church in Duluth, GA.

The Marian Servants of the Blessed Trinity, are a community of faithful Catholics who come together to share in our spiritual life, and to live out our personal vocations in Christ growing in holiness, obedience, and service.  We are deeply committed to a personal prayer life and share this with others through spiritual direction, prayer, and the Ignatian Exercises.  Our spirituality is Catholic, Marian, and Charismatic.  We are under the authority of the Archdiocese of Atlanta and we pledge a special loyalty to our Holy Father, Bishop of Rome, and to the Magisterium of the Church humbly accepting their guidance in matters of faith and morality.  We entrust ourselves to our Blessed Mother's care, and we acknowledge our duty to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the spiritual growth, and well-being of all people.